Government Relations Solutions Pty Ltd, trading as GR Solutions, is an Australian Public Policy, Business and Government Affairs Company. We are registered Lobbyists in the Commonwealth of Australia and in the State jurisdictions of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

Almost every company engages professional services - a lawyer to draft a document, an accountant, a specialist consultant. Sometimes companies have one or more governmental problems or a cause that requires more effort or knowledge than a company can provide by itself. At that time, a company may retain an independent Government Relations (GR) consultant (or Lobbyist) to represent their interests and find the solutions to their problems.

GR Solutions has extensive practical political experience and interacts daily with government. This enables us to represent a wide variety of issues to Australian Federal, State and Local Governments and to find the solutions to the issues of concern.

Hon. Wayne Matthew
Managing Director

Government Relations Solutions Pty Ltd
ACN 125 233 543