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About GR Solutions

R Solutions' team comprises people with direct experience in and a strong understanding of Australia's political and policy processes. We have extensive experience in and intimate understanding of the processes of government at the highest levels. We specialise in building constructive, mutually beneficial partnerships between business and government. With significant experience, GR Solutions plays a vital role in many organisations' efforts to be seen and heard by key political and bureaucratic decision-makers at the Federal, State and Local Government levels.

GR Solutions Managing Director, the Hon. Wayne Matthew, served for 16 years in the South Australian House of Assembly (14 years on the front bench) and was a Minister in successive Liberal Governments, serving in a variety of portfolios, including as Minister for Minerals and Energy. He also served as Administrative and Information Services Minister (construction, procurement, and information technology) and as Police, Correctional Services and Emergency Services Minister. After leaving politics he established GR Solutions to provide a non-partisan advisory service. Wayne has extensive experience in policy development, government reform and contracting of government services to the private sector. The Minerals and Energy portfolio has equipped him with a solid knowledge of the mining and petroleum industries and associated government processes.

GR Solutions are registered lobbyists in the Commonwealth of Australia and in the State Jurisdictions of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. In March 2010 we were invited by the Federal Minister of State to a 'roundtable discussion' at Parliament House, Canberra. Participants included the Minister, Senior bureaucrats from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and a select small group of GR consultants to discuss and frame the next stage in the development of the Federal 'Lobbying Code of Conduct'.

GR Solutions has the experience to represent a wide variety of issues to Australian Federal, State and Local Governments and to find the solutions to the issues of concern.

Why Engage in Government Relations Activity?

Dealing with Government in all it's forms is an important function of any organisation. Government is a key stakeholder in the future of just about every organisation in Australia, whether it is a business, public body or voluntary organisation, Government relationships therefore should be managed pro-actively in the same way as relationships with clients, customers, suppliers and the general public would be.

Government Relations: Different from Public Relations!

Public relations is very much focused on the wider media whereas Government Relations tends to be focused on Government policy, the legislative process and executive decision making. It is extended to include those who have a secondary influence on policy (key influencers). It is about managing an organisation's profile and reputation with elected representatives and policy makers. Government Relations activity can include a number of elements in a range of combinations, depending on the context, including, mentoring, media relations, lobbying, strategic issues management, campaigning, crisis management and events.

Taking a Strategic Approach

GR Solutions strategically plans and tactically implements Government Relations programs that help our clients steer their issues through shifting policy and regulatory environments, providing them with the strategic positioning they need to succeed.

We incorporate our understanding of Government and political processes into the Government Relations strategies we create for our clients. We constantly engage with political landscape to track developments occurring within political parties, committees, legislative and consultative processes, the media and other relevant processes and organisations to deliver timely political analysis and advice to our clients.

Code of Conduct

GR Solutions requires that our representation and advocacy is undertaken in an open, honest and fully accountable manner. We abide by a Code of Conduct that can be accessed by clicking on the pdf link:

Code of Conduct


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